Laga Designs International

Re-imagining eCommerce for an international handbags brand with a social cause.

Services Provided

  • WordPress Design
  • WooCommerce Design
  • Theme Development
  • WooCommerce Store

Final Results

  • 35% Increased sales
  • 20% low bounce rate
  • Shopping experience
  • New & Modern Look


Laga Designs International, Inc. is a handbags manufacturer. The company was started in an effort to provide employment and income for those affected by the 2004 earthquake / Tsunami in Indonesia. They came to me for getting their old website re-designed and migrated over to WordPress.

The Problem

I outlined number of issues with the old website. Content was not being managed properly, they had two different websites promoting same products and a WordPress a couple of blogs being run separately. All of those websites were outdated and not generating any real business for the client.

They were using Shopify to sell their products but the store did not look convincing enough to establish authority and trust among visitors. That trust building is vital when selling online. It was not looking like a Modern day brand or eCommerce store; it was looking more like a plain 90's website.

The old website lacked call to actions and was not even engaging the visitors. Conversion rate was low and product images were not convincing. Apart from those the website took ages to load and no emphasis was being put on on-page SEO.

The Old Website

The Goal

I identified the following goals for the new redesigned website:

  • Update visual design to modern approach for better user experience.
  • Better use cause marketing and convey the Laga story.
  • Implement a lead generation system.
  • Track successful sign ups of visitors coming from all traffic sources.
  • Increase the number of sales from the website.
  • Integrate a WordPress based online shop using WooCommerce.
  • Showcase products and make them look great.
  • Optimize new website to rank high in search results (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
  • Optimize website for faster load time and mobile audience.
  • Give current and potential clients the means to send gift cards.
  • Converts visitors into customers and improve conversion rate.
  • Showcase current promotions to attract customers.
  • Provide answers to common questions to free up staff from repetitive calls.

Apart from these overall website goals I also defined some target audience specific goals and solution which is explained below in target audience section.


The client already had some research done and was clear about how the new website should look and what elements should be placed on different pages. I researched a few more competitor websites and came up with some unique ideas to out shine our competition. Combining our ideas made it clear in which direction we need to go.

Various Competitor Websites
Various Competitor Websites

Target Audience

I defined a broader target audience for this project because it was about selling hand bags and women of all ages could be interested in that whether they buy it for their personal use or as a gift for someone.

Needs & Requirements:

  • Find the right handbags and accessories
  • See how the product looks, prior to purchasing it
  • Get to know all available color and texture options
  • How Laga handbags are different from others
  • Get discounts and rewards for loyalty
  • Option to send handbags as gifts to loved ones

The Solution:

I recommend the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with an emphasis on conveying the cause of Laga Designs International, Inc. that is to provide employment and income for those affected by the 2004 earthquake / Tsunami in Indonesia.

The website will be designed to:

  • Convey the Laga story effectively to encourage visitors for buying.
  • Allow women of all ages to find and purchase the right handbags.
  • Aducate the visitors about Laga story and the cause for which they are in business.
  • Encourage visitors to sign up for discounts and loyalty rewards.
  • Showcase all available colors and patterns in which all products are available.
  • Showcase employee stories to build trust among the visitors.
  • Allow visitors to send handbags as gifts.


After finalizing target audience goals and client requirements, I started working on design of the new website.

Focus on lead generation and conversion rate

This was a unique project for me as for the first time I was working on a website that had a social cause. I highlighted the social cause of Laga (to provide employment and income for those affected by the 2004 earthquake / Tsunami in Indonesia) throughout the website to build trust among audience.

The Old Website


I started the design process with building wireframes first, that helped me in validating different ideas of products and other pages. Wireframes helped in making things clear without investing extra time on fonts and colors.

The Old Website

Color Scheme

For this re-design Laga was not interested in logo revamp soI had to stick with existing logo and derive the color scheme from it. I ended up finalizing very light and subtle color scheme based on their existing logo.




For the typographic treat, I selected a modern sans-serif font that I used throughout the website for body text. For headings I choose a bold but complimentary serif font.

Font Families

Heading Font
Roboto Slab
Body Font

Final Outcome

Final result of the design process was great, have a look below

Home Page Design


I developed the website on WordPress CMS. I spent extra time crafting the back-end experience that makes editing the website as easy as editing a word document.

WooCommerce Development

For shop I used WooCommerce that helped me keep the main website and store in same place and it also became super easy for the client to manage the backend and add / edit products.

Mobile Ready & Cross Browser Compatible

I made the new website 100% mobile friendly and cross browser compatible. The new website is looking great on all devices and browsers. Name the device and I have got it covered.

Page Speed Optimization & W3C Validation

I minified the code, optimized all images, leveraged browser caching, reduced server response time and passed W3C validation test. All that effort resulted in super-fast website.

Website Quality and On-Page SEO

With 8 years of experience in building WordPress websites, I have built an extensive website quality and SEO checklist. I used the checklist to further perfect the website.

That's not all, I have a complete list of things that I take special care of when developing WordPress websites. Click here to find out.


The new website brought in great results for the client. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • It’s providing better user experience and looking awesome.
  • It’s generating more business and converting more visitors into customers.
  • It’s started to rank high in search engine results for many keywords.
  • Load time of the website is below 1 second.
  • Bounce rate of the website is also reduced and it’s engaging a lot of visitors.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed working with Laga Design International, Inc. in reshaping their website. I am very happy with the end result that the new website is over delivering and generating a lot of business for them.

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